What is Galital?

Galital is a cross-chain NFTs marketplace build on Polkadot technologies. It allows you to transfer and create your NFTs from any chain (currently planned support: BSC, ETH, AVAX, Polkadot, Kusama, Flare Network) into Galital. Enjoy low fees transactions and fast transfers. Buy / Sell NFTs in our marketplace, or just create your own to sell or pool and earn the reward. Galital is also developing his own blockchain-based video game. It’s time to use blockchain technologies for real-world usage.

We’ve built a platform
to communicate with all others.

Don’t spend time and money with high fees blockchain, or switching from one to another. Galital got you covered, all under one roof: fast, easy, and reliable

Close up of shiny blue fiber optics texture, communication technology

The Platform PLATFORM

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can manage everything.
All in one place with easy and smooth access.

We don’t only provide a marketplace build on some random idea, it’s designed from the ground to be 100% decentralized and privacy in mind. The users are the owners of the platform, they are in the control of Galital.

  • Decentralized Governance
  • Decentralized Treasury
  • Staking / Validating reward
  • Borrow / Lend NFTs
  • NFTs Pool staking and reward
  • NFTs battle zone, fight against other NFT, and win the battle for the reward
  • Smart Contracts ( INK! )

Code name CIRCINIS, the Galital Blockchain Game THE GAME

We plan to develop video games around NFT’s and blockchain technology in order to integrated the Galital marketplace in a real world use case and take the video games to a new step.

From the union of Blockchain, NFT, and Video games, Project Circinis is born.

Stay tuned, more coming soon.

Tokenomics TOKEN

TAL is the Galital token created to use the platform, you can buy and sell NFTs using $TAL, earn a staking reward in $TAL, in short, $TAL is the blood of Galital.

How to get $TAL TOKEN

No sale of $TAL has been announced.


Q1 - Q2 2021

Number of tokens at main network launch


Target Price

0.5 $ / $TAL

Planned Pools Currencies



February 2021

Start of the Galital Platform Development.

March 2021

Implementation of INK! smart contract

April 2021

Chain Bridge Implementation + UI/UX for cross chain transfer

Q1-Q2 2021


Q2-Q3 2021

Start of Game Pre-production

May-June 2021

Initial Liquidity (DEX)

MAY 2021

Galital Test Network Release


Galital main network with validators and decentralized governance

Token Factory UI/UX


Release of first game NFTs for public sale

Remove Sudo Key from the blockchain enabling full decentralized governance

Powered by a Pro Team TEAM

Galital is powered by a team of experts, from blockchain to video games.

Julien du Bois
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Quentin Gerry
Game Director
Rosario Giuliana
Blockchain Developer
Dmitri Maksimov
Defi and NFT Strategist Architect
Waiz Shahid
Frontend developer
Bob Routledge
Information Specialist
You ?
Send us you resume asap